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Nancy McCallion: Home

American roots music with a twist of soul and a dram of blarney.

"Rivals Lucinda Williams and Iris Dement as one of the finest Americana songwriters..." - The Washington Post

 "(Nancy McCallion's) tough-hearted tales of women struggling to strike a balance between intimacy and independence are as good as any being written today." -Bill Friskics-Warren, The Nashville

"She writes eloquently on situations other scribes would run from." -Dirty Linen

"...her lyrics have a direct immediacy set with a true traditional flair. They are world-weary, bitter, start, drunken and funny." - Singout 

Danny and Nancy

 Performs with her Americana/Southwestrn Celtic Dance Band, The Scarlet Lettermen, and as a duo with her brother Neil McCallion or her husband, Danny Krieger.

Also, check out Nancy's Blog: Songs for Singers for poems, musings on songwriting, travel and more!