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Nancy McCallion: music

Brighter in the Night

(Nancy McCallion)
November 20, 2009
Nancy McCallion
Brighter In the Night
Nancy McCallion

I used to wear a pleated skirt
And falling down was the way that I got hurt
And every boy that I met could be the one
And I didn't need much action to have fun

But now the stars they have paled in the sky
Back when my footsteps they were lighter
The stars seemed so much brighter
In the night

And now my new old house is up for sale
And there ain't nobody buying I can tell
So I guess I'll have to give it all away
That's the price of doing business some would say

Now there rich folk making good off me
And they tell me that's the joy of being free
And they say, “someday you could be rich too,
And you wouldn't want some poor girl fleecing you”

And I never have refused to do my share
I only wanna stand up
When I try to get a hand up
No one's there