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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

My Old Mother

 My Old Mother 


N. McCallion

My old mother she looked in me eye
Sayin’ oh, oh my darlin-o
Don’t you steal and don’t you lie
And don’t go with boys in the alley-o

When I was fourteen just a bump in the road
Would set me all a tingle-o
And my old mother she looked in me eye
Sayin’ there’s things that a young girl shouldn’t know

Oh mother may I
Your time is come
And will you be rewarded now
For things you haven’t done

When I was fifteen my father he left
Carrying his coat up the hill-o
And my old mother sat fingering her beads
And she could be there still-o

When I was sixteen I left my home
With Jacky I was taken-o
And I thought it better to risk the fire
Than live a life forsaken-o

When Jacky asked to marry me
I felt a kind of thrill-o
But then I seen him carrying his coat
A’ moving up the hill-o

Ah Jackie you hardly know me sure
And me I am so young-o
I’ll not be agreeing to sit by the door
While you’re off having fun-o

Copyright 1995 Nancy McCallion, from
This is My Round, 2016 Opossum and Praties