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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

Cash For Gold


Cash for Gold
lyrics: Nancy McCallion   music: Gary Mackender

She was a sweet and charming bride her mouth was like a bow
Perhaps that’s why her tongue was tied perhaps we’ll never know
Her manner seemed so gracious and her conscience seemed so clear
She ran her fingers through his hair and called him “oh my dear”

Cash for gold, cash for gold
That little ring might be your ticked out of here
Cash for gold, cash for gold
You’re here and now you’re gone

Remember when they chose the ring, she blushed and then she sighed
He laid down his credit card and she became his bride
The father bought the wedding dress, the brother said the toast
The sister started crying and the mother’s eyes were moist


That all our wishes should come true, that’s what we’ve come to think
Some buy them with a credit card, some with their cheeks so pink
And yet our young groom’s wish came true, funny as it seems
He told his bride he’d like to be the answer to her dreams

Copyright McCallion/Mackender 1998 from Moon Over the Interstate