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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

Come On with Me

Come on with Me
Nancy McCallion

I seen it all, I knowed it long
I have worn it painfully
Her daddy died at the bottom of a shaft
And she was not marrying me
When Jolene was nineteen years old
She lay with me on the ground
And I took her home in a taxi cab
And I walked back home across town

And it's ta ra ra row
Ta ra ra ree
It's easier to start than continue
And it's ta ra ra row
Ta ra ra ree
And then the young man said come on with me

I used to dig the copper out
And I was paid decently
But now we're a country of services
And there ain't nobody servicing me
Jolene she twists her diamond ring
And her dress hangs loose on her hips
Her husband does crosswords on the porch
And her name never crosses his lips

When I was still a young man
I used to brood and hurt
For the sound of Jolene as she lay on the ground
And the smell of a wrinkled skirt
And now I am an old man
And haven't yet grown mean
I've had myself a couple of friends
And one of them Jolene

Copyright 1995, Nancy McCallion, from Only a Story, The Mollys