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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

Dance with me Johnny

Dance With Me Johnny

The blood on the curtain, the prints on the sideboard
The place where the little girl lay
The mother is crying, the father is silent
The copper has nothing to say
The face of the girl so pretty and painted
The rags have a new shot each week
And the worst of it all is that no one’s surprised here
And no one has lost any sleep

Oh Dance with me Johnny , dance
For so in love am I
And I will love you well my dear
‘Till all the seas gang dry

The mother is there in her empty apartment
The chil   Pdren are not coming home
Sometimes she sees them they have their milk mustaches
Sometimes she know she’s alone
What was that now but a tug at the hem line
A tiny hand plump at the wrist
Yes you remembered the flowers on mother’s day
You crossed that off of your list

Everyone thinks that the father is guilty
Did you hear how he tripped on her name
The mother repeating how she loved that little girl
We start to think she’s insane
And there in the newsroom they’re selling the scandal
And who are these buyers we
Some times at night my head on my pillow
I  pray that you’ll keep loving me

Copyright 1998 McCallion from Moon Over the Interstate