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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

Don't Take Pride Over Dollars

Don’t Take Pride Over Dollars
By Nancy McCallion


This is an evening my darling
Although your not here, here I sit
You could well be dead I don’t doubt it
Funny I still remember it

You had the blackest of hair then
And I, I’ll let modesty prevail
but you couldn’t take your eyes off me
I could talk I could take and I could wail

After we met I had all his attention
I’d only need to turn to see his gaze in my direction
There I stood my entire life before me
And I thought he always would adore me

There was food there was drink there was you dear
The night was a night was a night
And I satisfied all my hungers
Before came the first rays of light

In love I did wait where I landed
I lingered, I quivered, I fell
But passion dried up in the sunlight
And I’ve but one story to tell (chorus)

 I’ve beginnings I’ve middles and endings
I’ve faces I’ve dates I have names
I fell for love not for money
No more have I youth for to blame

Don’t take pride over dollars
Don’t take sugar over beans
I took it all in one evening
And now I’m alone with my dreams (chorus)

Copyright 1997 Nancy McCallion, from "Hat Trick" by The Mollys
and Dancing Days