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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

Elvis Again


Elvis Again
By Nancy McCallion

When I was a little girl
about the age of ten
I thought I found myself a one true love
And I swore it then
To always be true
Til’ the day I die
Now I have other plans
But he won’t say goodbye

It’s Elvis again, knocking at my door
Won’t leave me alone
Elvis go home
It ’s Elvis again, calling out to me
Don’t you, don’t you, don’t you break my heart
Don’t set me free

Then I came of age
And I met me a man
And together in the cool moonlight
We walked hand in hand
But when I raised my lips
On the front porch stair
I got this funny feeling
There was somebody there

Now I’m walking down the isle
And I feel alight
You can bet I’m looking mighty fine
In my virgin white
Do you take this man
‘til the day you die
But I can’t say I do
‘Cause it would be a lie

copyright 2004 Nancy McCallion
from the album Nancy McCallion