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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics


Nancy McCallion

The cows by the refinery in Odessa
Are so much more sad because I miss you
And the fire in the stack chokes up a funny shade of grey
And home is just five driving hours away

I’m the tenth of thirteen kids born picking cotton
The fields are full of oil wells now but hands have not forgotton
The rawness of those fingers as the filled the burlap sack
The cotton’s gone and please don’t bring it back

Odessa Odessa the sunlight in the grey
Didn’t you and I fall in love that way
Boom town love in a boom town city
Oh Come on now make that city pretty

This bad taste in my mouth might be deceiving
Is it something in the air or just you leaving
I can hear the trucks on twenty rumble passed my trailer door
I could ride off and see this town no more

Copyright Nancy McCallion 1997 from Hat Trick, by The Mollys