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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

Only a Story

Only a Story
Nancy McCallion

Act one, the seduction, the smile out the side of the mouth
It’s all about wanting and waiting and wonder and doubt
Creating a style for two eyes that now see only one
Hold on to you heart dear, this story is only begun 

It’s only a story, a story, a story Sleep little darling sleep
Get under the covers and pray that your soul for to keep 

Act two is a back off, but just for a short time my dear
For now that you’ve had me you must not soon find me too near
The first sign of comfort is snatched from your sweet seeking hand
It’s all out of passion, forgive me if not understand 

For you were my thing and I followed that thing night and day
I pushed aside comfort and into the cold night did stray
And all for a want and a wish and a tale and a line
You polish your black heart and go at this thing one last time   

Copyright 2000, Nancy McCallion, from Only a Story, The Mollys