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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

Start a Fire

Written about the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Start a Fire
Nancy McCallion
Start a fire and everything’s gonna burn
Find the higher ground and wait your turn
Put my mama on the bus today
Paid her fare and sent her on her way
Start a fire and everything’s gonna burn
President come, he talk, he smile, he turn
Can’t fix the levee, can’t help the poor
The money’s all been spent on your rich man’s war
Poor folks sitting on the roof all day
Want a drink of water and a chance to get away
Thought I heard Buddy Bolden say
Save my town, it's going down today
Start a fire and everything’s gonna burn
Broken gas lines, dirty water’s churn
I waited tables, I showed you a good time
Hard times have come and I’ve been left behind
With rosary beads and baby dolls
Oil rigs and shopping malls
Smoke coming up Louisa Street
Gotta steal myself something to eat
Start a fire and everything's gonna burn
gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn
From Take a Picture of Me by Nancy McCallion