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Nancy McCallion: Lyrics

The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days
Nancy McCallion
I was not surprised to see you go
Better sooner than later I suppose
Now I guess I'll have to entertain myself
Is there nobody out there who can help
Ain't no such thing
As the good old days
But I miss 'em anyways
My investments have all left me in the cold
They were supposed to bring me comfort when I'm old
Seems I'll have to find my comfort on my own
I'm tired, broke and all alone
Ain't no such thing as the good old days
But I miss 'em anyways
In spite of the night, and the coldness that has fallen
On my sad, sad heart ever since we've been apart
I should get out of bed, out of my head, but instead
I gaze into the dark, and I cannot find a spark
Of the hope that I once knew, and the things I thought were true
They tell me that there's trouble moving in
And last night I heard the gunshots once again
But I really can't afford to move away
So I'll bar up all my windows and I'll stay
Ain't no such thing, as the good old days
But I miss 'em anyways
From Take a Picture of Me by Nancy McCallion