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No Room at the Inn - Sheet Music

Nancy McCallion's Christmas song for 2016, written for the refugees that President Elect, Donald Trump would have us turn away out of fear and bigotry.  Arranged with four part harmonies by Neil McCallion and available for digital download.

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Dancing Days - CD

Nancy's latest band, The Scarlet Lettermen featuring Chris Davis, Karl Hoffmann and Les Merrihew:

American/Electric Folk-Rock with a twist of soul and a dram of blarney, featuring songs by internationally acclaimed songwriter, Nancy McCallion. Track include cry in your beer ballads, Celtic surf tunes, tangos, and rocking Americana roots music with a Southwestern flavor. Add to insights and observations of master songwriter, Nancy McCallion's lyrics, and you have got yourself one fine record.

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Opossum and Praties - with Danny Krieger and Heather Hardy

Opossum and Praties is an acoustic album with guitars, dobro, violin and penny whistle.  If you're a fan of Irish music or strong lyrics that tell stories, this is the CD for your.  "Captures the twinkle-eyed wordplay and local dialect of Irish ballads and pub songs blended with a more modern view of women in the world, opening a window of storytelling that brings characters and circumstances to life with wry wit, irony and flair." - Daniel Buckley, 2016

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Take a Picture of Me - 2009 CD

"The CD was inspired by a photography show I saw at the U of A Student Union a couple of years ago; “Unseen America,” a traveling, national documentary exhibit program of the Bread and Roses Cultural Project featuring photos and essays by the working poor. After seeing the exhibit I went home and wrote “Take a Picture of Me,” the title track of the CD. Then I stewed on the idea for 2 years. It wasn't until I was laid off from my teaching job last summer that my personal angst (trying to decide between keeping my healthcare insurance and keeping my house) inspired me to finish the rest of the songs for the project. I thought it fitting to use photos from the exhibit on my CD and dedicate some of the profits to The Primavera Foundation after I was rehired and given a reprieve from slipping through those ever widening social cracks."
-Nancy McCallion
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Nancy McCallion: self titled

Nancy's first solo effort since The Mollys. It features new songs in a traditional country vein with a little Tex-Mex Irish influence, reminscent of McCallion's acclaimed writing for The Mollys. Listed as #2 debut album for 2005 Freeform American Roots Charts.

Nancy McCallion

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Nancy McCallion & The Mollys:Trouble

This 2002 release features all original songs by Nancy McCallion, with Kevin Schramm on accordion, Danny Krieger on guitar, Dan Sorenson on bass, and Marx Loeb on drums. Songs include "Put the Baby in the Shopping Cart," "You're a Stranger Now," "Mother, Mother," Danny Krieger's soulful duet with Nancy on "This is My Round" and more.

Nancy McCallion & The Mollys

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Lullabies for New Beginnings: a collection of bedtime songs - by Tucson Area Women Singers and Songwriters

Produced by Nancy McCallion, the collection includes original, traditional and contempory lullabies.

All procedes from this project will be donated to New Beginnings for Women and Children, a nonprofit, nonsectariean organization, founded in Tucson in 1987 to help homeless women and their children to become economically self-sufficient.
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The Mollys

The Last Call Girls