1. On We Go

From the recording On We Go

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Featured in the Netflix series, "Living With Yourself," Episode 5, from the 1995 album, This is My Round by The Mollys, also included on the Putumayo compilation, Women of the World: Celtic


On We Go
Copyright Nancy McCallion

There was an old woman and there was an old man
They lived upon the high road
He once sat as a jockey for his pay
And she was her mother's darling-o

And on we go, and on we go
Can you recall the day we married oh
On we go, and on we go
Wouldn't you be frightened to die alone
Come a little closer to me darling oh

She grabbed the old man by the hand
She led him 'cross a moonlit night
She took him to the public house
And filled him full of whisky oh


And on the way back home from town
Oh oh my darling oh
She pushed him in the water and she held him down
Can you recall the day we married oh