From the recording Go to Ground

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And the Band Played On

Life is too hard to not get along
To feel so lonesome when everyone’s gone
If you’d paid attention you might have a friend
But what does it matter we’re alone in the end
And the band plays on…

Sometimes I picture you there in your room
Cold in the evening but lovely at noon
Perhaps if you’d kept it all under your sleeve
The boys wouldn’t laugh and the girls wouldn’t leave
And the band plays on…

How lovely she sways
As the memory plays
A love so divine
To last throughout all time

We all got caught in the muck of the day
Night caps at sundown to wash it away
By three in the morning you toss and you turn
The cure isn’t working but you never learn
And the band plays on…

The old speakers rattle in the new concert hall
The moon is replaced by a bright disco ball
The clink of the glasses the liquor’s perfume
The loneliness waiting at home in your room