From the recording Go to Ground

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Bones in the Sand

Miles of desert hot and dry, a blazing sun a cloudless sky
A Nike shoe and bleached white bones scattered on the ground
Was it hunger, was it fear that took your life and brought you here
And will your family ever know, are you out there where did you go?

And who held your hand in that unforgiving land
What’s the story of the bones in the sand
Who dried her eyes and said her last goodbyes
What’s the story of the bones in the sand

A thousand miles away from home, in a desert on your own
Was someone waiting here for you, a family or a friend
Is this the first time that you came, or were you sent back home again
Knowing that you’d never stay despite how it might end

Human bones are all the same, got no country got no name
Everything’s been stripped away as bare as bones can be
Cruel words divide us now, they stoke our fears and show us how
To trade in our humanity for dreams of how things used to be